Glossybox September 2017.

I have already posted this picture to Instagram if you don’t follow me, it is Kirstysloves.

I thought i would do a post on this month’s box, because i loved it! I said before i am not gonna do a blog post for every glossy box i buy. But if i love the box, i will put it on my blog.

This month i was suprised to get the pixie brow tamer! I always see this brand everywhere and it always looks good quality. I needed a new brow tamer as the one i got in a previous box was running out!

Some things you really don’t know about until you start using it and then think to yourself how did i not use this? Well that was me with a brow tamer lol.

I have been loving the toothpaste as well, makes my teeth feel extra clean and actually brings them up whiter slightly! The taste isn’t over bearing either.

Surely everyone loves kinder bueno chocolate, i was suprised when i see chocolate in the box. The first thing my niece went for was the chocolate! It is her favourite.

I’m not loving this blender, i use the real techniques beauty blender and it just doesn’t compare. I have only used this blender once maybe ill try it again. It is cleaner though!

The oil from this box,i put on at night and it just makes my skin softer! Even though i think they may need better packaging, as i have spilt it everywhere at least twice now! Maybe I’m just clumsy…Hmm lol.

Also love the eczema cream for my dry elbows…  Lovely ha.

I have a discount code! if you click this link: Glossybox & enter the code: SEPTEMBER7

You will get your first box for £10.00 including p+p and then every month after you will get it for £13.25 including p+p.

You can cancel at anytime!

Offer ends on the 30th September 2017!

Love Kirst x

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