Making memories with my niece|Weekend box club

Making memories with my niece.

I love to find new things to make memories with my niece. I can remember so much from when i was little like going to the woods, painting, colouring,swimming,baking,finding conkers.

My mum and dad did so much with us when we were younger and i love the memories i have! So i try to find the little things and hope she will remember them when she’s older.

I am always looking on pinterest for new things for me & my niece to do. But there is always one thing she absolutely loves to do… I get a monthly subscription box, Glossybox. When it comes in the post she is usually here and loves to open it with me. I sometimes wait until she wakes up from her nap, so she can open it with me. Although she can’t use the products, she is only 3. But she loves to smell the products and sometimes, if there is a lip balm or something i let her use a little bit of it. She loves it! So i have been looking around for a subscription box for her. I got sent the weekend box club . this box has two brand new Snazaroo face paint products in.

The box is so good, it comes in there name in the post.

She had just woke up from a nap after nursery and she was so excited! My glossybox had been delivered on the same day to, so we got to open our boxes at the same time.

As soon as she see the box she started naming what the animals were.

In the boxes were two face paint products & a competition, as well as a certificate that you can colour in. So it’s like 4 activititys in one box.

She was so happy she got face painting and wanted to paint my face.


When you order your first box it’s £2.98 and then £5.95 after for the mini box which has 2 activities. The first bumper box is £4.48 and then £8.95 per box which has 4 activities.

The palettes are £2.99 individually from snazaroo, which are coming out soon i believe.

The paint goes on really well and the colour comes out straight away, it isn’t to watered down and you don’t have to put loads on. I didn’t think she would sit for as long as she did! As for for my face painting skills i need some practice lol!

She doesn’t look to impressed in this photo, but she was looking in the mirror after making roaring sounds lol. She is only 3 and sat there and let me do it and then she wanted to do my face after, but we didn’t get a picture of that lol.

We only used the tiger palette which shows you how to do it in 3 steps. Tomorrow we will probably use the other palette and do some colouring in on her certificate.

We had hours of fun with this i would definitely recommend the box. Thank you to the weekend box club for sending us this we loved it!

Love Sienna & Auntie Kirsty x

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