The Body Shop|Applying a face mask.

The Body Shop.

So i thought i would show you, what i got from the body shop the other day. I never quite understood why everyone loved the body shop, until i tried the Himalayan Charcoal face mask! It is amazing  for my skin! I did buy the seaweed face mask and it is good! But isn’t as good for my skin as the Himalayan one.

I love face masks!! Especially when i am having my self care days! I usually use face masks two days a week and my skin has got so much better since i have been doing it.

I’ll explain how i use some of the products down below ↓

So firstly i cleanse my face with my cleanser, i use the philosophy purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser! My favourite cleanser ever. I then wash it of and put on my Himalayan Charcoal and i sit there with some light chilled music, for about 15 minutes and then i wash it of with the muslin cloth.

Then i use my blemish remover tool and remove blackheads. I then rewash my face and put on toner i usually use simple toner. But i have recently just started using a body shop toner. I also then moisturise and add serum and cream under my eyes. I have inserted a photo below of my toner and moisturisers that i have recently started using.

My blemish remover tool and my favourite cleanser ↓



This is the new toner, moistureiser and serum i have been using. They make your skin feel extra soft i love them! On the website a few days ago they had 30% off and you get these 3 products, free when you spend £30. I believe that offer has finished…. But they do have £10 off when you spend £30 right now!

If you click this link 



I have never used a bb cream before and sometimes i just don’t wanna wear foundation all the time, so i thought this would be a good alternative. Sometimes i just want my skin to breathe! I haven’t used this yet, but i have swatched a bit on my hand it feels good and looked the right colour! I am excited to use this.


I needed a new head band and this one is perfect it doesn’t stretch and i thought oh no. Lol but it fits perfect and keeps my hair out of the way. The brush is a must! It just makes it so much easier to apply a face mask! The muslin cloth also makes it so much easier to get of!


Lastly this seaweed face mask is really good! But my skin reacts, so much more better to the Himalayan one.


Hope you like this post! As i said before if you click this link you get £10 off when you spend £30.

Love Kirsty x


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