10 tips on how to start a blog.

How to start a blog.

When i first started blogging i started on blogger, as it’s free. But i found that i couldn’t make my blog look how i wanted. So i decided to join WordPress with blue host.

I am still working on my blog and finding new things all the time, But here are some things to start with


1. Start with Blogger 

if you’re not sure if you will enjoy blogging. Because you have to pay for a hosting company and a theme, that’s if you don’t like the ones on wordpress. But if you are sure


2. Find a web hosting company

i use Bluehost they do help so much!! When you need it especially if anything goes wrong and you lose your things they are a really big help


3.Set a domain name

So this will be the name of your website. Usually my hosting website has a deal which includes your domain name. Think about it before you set the name, otherwise you will have to pay for another.


4.Install wordpress

This is quite easy but if you’re unsure ask your hosting company for help.


5.Get a decent camera & laptop

This is the expensive part! I knew i really loved to write and blog! Also the creative side with taking photos. I really wanted it to be very good quality. So i bought a canon dslr and a MacBook air and they are the best things I’ve ever brought!

But if you don’t want to pay out, just yet for those things. I am sure there are cheaper options. I thought when i bought my camera that it wouldn’t just be for quality photos for my blog. But it would make the family photos a good quality to.


6.Use Canva for the header

So this will be the front page of your blog and the name of your blog, i have only just recently found this website and i love it!


7.Youtube anything you don’t understand or ask your web hosting company

When i first started i would google and youtube everything i didn’t understand. I still have a lot to learn! I am always learning with my blog, but thats what i love about it! The feeling you get when you have done a blog post you love or learnt something new is amazing.


8.I brought a theme with Pipdig 

You don’t need to buy a theme there are quite a few on wordpress anyway! But i wanted something different. Soon i’ll probably buy a new one or change up the style. Thats what i love with blogging, you can always change things if you get a bit bored of the layout!

9. Get a pad and write some blog ideas.

I like to write out some ideas for blog posts in my pad. Sometimes you just go on add a new post and an idea will come to you and sometimes, it helps to just sit there and think of some.

10.Now just write and take photos of what you love.

This is the best part you can write and take photos of whatever, you like and make your blog your own!


Hope this helps!



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