Being your authentic self.

Being your authentic self.

I have learnt that to be happy in life you need to let go of how you think your life should be and accept it, exactly how it is right now. I always use to do things that i thought i should be doing, not what i actually wanted to do and for that i ended up in a not so good place mentally. It has been tough, but so worth it and i wouldn’t change what i know now.

I use to stay at jobs for to long because i thought i should be sticking at things and not going with my growth. I didn’t like change, in actual fact i dreaded it. only because i thought people would judge me for not being able to stick at something. Yes i would enjoy it at first, but i didn’t move on when i knew it was time. I think we all feel a sense of failure if we don’t stick at a job! I really don’t get how some people can stay at a job that they don’t enjoy now. It took me a while, but I’m nearly 26 so still quite young to know this stuff. I know some people who don’t know who they truly are, in there 50s and it’s sad.

Everyones self care looks different.

What helps me love life, won’t help you love life! You have to find what makes you light up.

Other people.

Other people will try and tell you what you should be doing sometimes. Ignore it! This is not there path. (unless it is actually harmful) but say a job you don’t like, starting a blog, making your blog your part time/full time job. They can’t see your vision for yourself and they are not supposed to. Stick to what you love.


Everyones creativity looks different, it doesn’t make yours wrong. Do whatever you love. I think everyone has a creative side you just have to find what you’re really interested in, for you stick to it. Like i use to try lots of different hobbies when i didn’t know myself and i just new that it didn’t fit my personality. So when i started blogging it just felt right and i have been doing it for over a year now.

Sometimes i do get stuck and disheartened when i don’t feel like my blog is doing so well, but then i get a comment or an email, it makes me keep going.


We don’t get taught how to manage our own emotions and i think it is a massive thing and you should be taught at school.

School days.

I didn’t really like school, not for any particular reason. I still have my close circle of friends from school. If i could go back i would tell myself to just enjoy it and don’t try to fit in like a sheep, do your own thing. We are all unique. When you’re older you’ll embrace your unique side and become a leader and not just following others blindly.

Self love/ Self care.

All self things are a must and learning everything about self will help you so much!


I don’t really know where i was going with this post. I hope it makes sense!

Have an amazing weekend!


Kirsty x




  1. July 28, 2017 / 9:48 pm

    Very well said! I love the creativity part too because so many people compare their work to others instead of working more on their own stuff.

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