6 things that help when you lose your blogging inspiration.

6 things that help when you lose your blogging inspiration.
So i haven’t written a blog post in a while! Sometimes i have moments when i am not in the mind frame to write and have creative ideas. I love my blog and i love writing. But it has to come from a place thats authentic and not written up just to have a blog post to me anyway.
This is my favourite hobby, so i’m not going to stress myself out! I don’t need to write posts all the time! As most of you might know from my instagram, is that my memory card broke! I had just taken some of my favourite pictures and my sd card snapped in the corner! I was annoyed for a while and i didn’t buy another one until like two days ago lol ( if you are not following my insta it’s @kirstysloves )


So yeah here are six things that help me get back to blogging…
1. Look on Pinterest.
This helps me a lot! I just type blog ideas and loads come up.
Sometimes though i do like them to just come to me like this one. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling at the moment with my blog lately ZERO inspiration. But i do love seeing other creative ideas.
2. Having a memory card!
I bought a memory card as soon as i started blogging and i bought a canon camera. When i know i love something i will put all my energy, time and money into it. So I’ve had my memory card just over a year and i was taking pictures for my monthly favourites and as i took it out of my camera it snapped in the corner! Luckily it didn’t get stuck in my camera or laptop. I had already taken my photos and they were my favourite photos yet and i couldn’t get them back! I was quite gutted. I guess in hindsight it was telling me that i wasn’t enjoying doing monthly favourites anymore and to not post for the sake of it. Since not having my memory card i haven’t done a blog post. So yeah being able to take photos for your blog helps a lot.
3. Reading other blogs.
Sometimes when i’m not in the mood to write a blog post, i will go on other peoples blogs, that i can relate to and then I’m like yeah!! I need to write a post. I think to see other people being raw and vulnerable and showing you there true self, helps a lot! It can be hard to be vulnerable and write about yourself. So just reading other peoples blog posts is so helpful… If they are authentic/raw/vulnerable and not ashamed to show you there good and bad, real self!
4. Time by yourself.
Sometimes i am always around my family and i guess i don’t have time for self reflection with lots going on. But i have noticed when i spend time by myself, i will feel an urge to write and it just flows naturally after that.
5. Find facebook groups that help with inspiration with blogging.
So this one is very new to me and it has really helped me, to feel like people do like reading my posts. I do see people are reading my posts. But when they leave comments it just makes it worth the effort! I do love blogging, but i didn’t know i would feel really happy when people gave me good feedback and i am glad people can relate. So thank you if you have left me comments it really does make me love blogging more. I found a faceb00k group called Blogger Insights on Facebook and they are lovely!
6.change up what you have been doing/don’t stick to the same blog ideas.
As i have said before that i realised i wasn’t enjoying making monthly favourites as much… I will still do them. But just not every month! I love writing about self care, self love and all things related to that. So i am going to be focusing on doing more of them posts. I just don’t want to make my blog feel like a chore….. Always do what you love!
Love Kirsty x

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