April favourites.

April favourites.


Garden spring day.

How nice is a spring day? I was having a cup of tea and we always get a few squirrels in my mum & dads garden and they are so cute! They come along and steal the nuts from the bird feeder and hang upside and eat them.

It is so hard usually to get a photo of them. They usually run, but this one was quite relaxed… Until a dog barked! Luckily i just caught this photo.
I did post this photo in a previous post, but thought i would put it in my favourites. One of my favourite things to do is just sit in the garden and chill.

Dove gradual tanner.

I have had this for a while but i only just started using it, it is so good! I love it. It doesn’t make you look orange or streaky at all. It gives you the slightest brown look, that you can build up over time. I got sent a Garnier gradual tanning lotion at the weekend and i just went streaky orange. So i think i will be sticking to this from now on.

Easter Sunday walk.

Me my niece and my sister, her partner & my mum and dad, went for a easter Sunday stroll it was lovely and my niece loved it! There were quite a few other families doing the same and it was so relaxing. We came back and had a roast dinner and easter eggs. It was just a perfect family day.

My new sofa.

I ordered my new sofa from dfs as you know i’m kind of moved in to my new place, i see this sofa and thought it was perfect. But i measured my door and my doorway was to small for this to fit and i was really disappointed!

But i rang them and they said they can fit it, when it is in my living room. So i was so happy! It is quite expensive, but i am going to have it a long time! I can’t wait for you to see my home, when it’s finished. I’ll do some before and after pictures. I chose different colour cushions not the yellow ones. But once it has arrived i will put a pic on instagram or something.

New glasses.

I haven’t had an eye test in a very long time! I think it was like 10 years or more. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my vision. There still isn’t much wrong with my vision, i just need these for watching tv or on my laptop. But they make a difference i didn’t realise the pain i had before from straining my eyes. But yeah i got my eyes checked with paine and hunter opticians. They were so nice and welcoming!

Olive oil.

This is pretty rank but i was always get sore ears like every other month and it was driving me insane! I went to the doctors so much and they said the next time i get it, i’m going to be referred to someone and they gave me a course of antibiotics, as well as another reason i was on antibiotics for a month! She said my ears looked dry.

So i started using these ear drops that i brought from the chemist and i haven’t had an ear infection in a couple of months now. So i think this just stops my ears from itching. Gross! Haha i think i have eczema or something. So yeah if you’re ears are sensitive try this.

Anthony Joshua.


 This man to look at is just something else! He is so good looking. I never ever watch boxing or football. It just ain’t my thing. But a couple of the girls where coming round to my mums and my brother was watching the boxing.

So we thought we would watch it and just stare at Anthony Joshua haha… I think my brother was shocked with some of the things we came out with lol he said watching boxing with the boys is very different to with girls lol

It was a really good night, so funny! I was surprised i got into it and it was quite intense! Some parts i couldn’t watch. But yeah a memoriable night with everyone. Don’t know if i could watch another one though, the adrenaline i had just watching it on tv lol

Hope you had a good April! It has been a good month for me.

Kirsty x 

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