March Favourites.

March Favourites.


Our Generation Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck.

I got this for my niece for her 3rd birthday she loves ice cream!! Like whenever she hears the ice-cream man she shouts “ice-cream man” Haha love her… She loves playing with little things, which when we got this out the packaging we realised everything is very small! But it is okay we can just watch her everytime she plays with it. When she woke up to see it she said wow!

I LOVE moments like that. It was quite pricey at £109.99. But i know she will play with it lots! I just looked it up & it has gone up to £119.99 but they have a sale on, so you can get £20 off. If you click the picture i have linked it 🙂

Rimmel hide the blemish.

I bought this because i see it was on sale, but i actually think it is really good and will last a while! I have a beauty blender but because i have used it loads and usually wash it and this time it has dried with mould on which I’m so sad about! How do you keep them fresh?

Fifty Shades Darker.

Me and the girls had a movie night a few nights ago and thought we would watch fifty shades darker, as we have all seen the first one. I wasn’t that impressed! I thought with the first one it was a bit strange the whole thing, i get that people are into that sort of thing, but there was more to it than just fun. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone else so i wont say to much.

Anyway the film wasn’t great! But it was such a good night with the girls and none of the kids. Which sounds bad, but it was just a relaxed evening. We got an Indian takeaway, some popcorn and wine.

Massage oil.

This stuff feels amazing on my skin, i got this from my magazine. Mind body and spirit! I love these little extras sometimes you get massage oils or candles and they have different meanings to all of the things you use, even the candles.

Leon Bridges River.

I Love love love this song, i know it is like a year old now, but i just love it! If you haven’t heard it go listen to it i’ll link the picture.

Simple Toner.

I dont know why this hasn’t been in one of my favourites before.. I use this everyday, i love it and makes my face feel fresh and clean after i have cleansed it. I would 100% recommend this and my cleanser. I’ll put my cleanser in next months favourites, because i need a new bottle.

The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success.

By Deepak Chopra

I have always loved watching and reading things by Deepak Chopra. But my brother told me about this book and then i read someones blog and it had a bit about it, so i bought it on amazon for like £3.00 i think, its a used one but in good condition.

I have only read the first bit because i do want to practice it properly. I LOVE it already.

Lush Shampoo.

I know i have spoke about my lush shampoo before but it is amazing!! After using it for ages now i love it even more! It is the round purple shampoo in this picture and you probably think that it looks like a strange shampoo, because the shape of it. Because i thought exactly the same to, it lava’s up so quickly!

If you haven’t already tried it, do! It has natural ingredients and makes my hair feel properly washed, like no other shampoo does!! I tried a new shampoo from my glossybox and my dandruff came back with one wash. So i am now going to be sticking to lush shampoo, which it is quite expensive but it lasts ages.

Rio Ferdinand Documentary.

If you didn’t see this you really should watch it! If you’re feeling very emotional though, i wouldn’t. It was so sad! I felt for him and his children so much… I cried from beginning to end. You know when you just want to hug someone and be like it is okay to greive. But it had a very positive message for other people in the same situation.


grey sequin back oversized parka coat.

I bought this in the khaki colour and it had silver sequins. But when it came it was far to big! I know it is suppose to be oversized but i went down to a size 14 with this one and it fits perfect and still looks oversized!

I know it is gonna be summer soon but i think it will look really nice when it gets a bit chilly in the evening. To just put this on, it’s very light weight and i just love it! Its really pretty.

So there is my march favourites, hope you like it.


hope you are loving this spring weather!

Love Kirsty x





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