My new shop page & 12 things i want from Forzieri.

My new shop page.

Hi everyone,

I thought i would explain a bit about why i put a new page in, which is called the ‘Shop’ in the top of my blog web page. If you haven’t already seen it, i have been putting some pictures of the things i have/want. Some of the things will be from my monthly favourites. Which i have already put some on and even if i can’t find the exact match, i’ll find one that looks kind of the same.

I’m not sure if you like this sort of thing. But i love when i see other peoples and it gives me so much inspiration, of what to get sometimes.

So yeah thats about it for that. Go check it out if you want.

12 things i want from Forzieri.

I thought i would put this on my shop page. I’ve put some pictures up to show you 12 things i want from Forzieri. There is so much amazing things on there! I have a link which gives you £50 off. Which is amazing! The minimun spend is £150 to get the £50 off, but the stuff on there is amazing! The link is on this picture so if you just click it, it will take you to the site to get £50 off.

Enjoy, Kirsty x

P.s go check my shop page to see what i want.

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