2016 Valentines Glossybox

As valentines is in 4 days I thought I would write a post. I am single so I won’t be celebrating valentines with someone else. But I will definitely be celebrating it by myself or with my friends. Some girls my age, moan that they’re alone on valentines and it makes me so sad to hear that! Valentines is not just about being with someone romantically. You can treat yourself to something new just for you and you can spend it with friends or family. It can be spent with anyone you love, including yourself!

Here is a list of things you can do with yourself, your friends or your partner.

1. Have a self care night in with face masks.
2. Get a massage.
3. Try a different restaurant to eat.
4. Get a manicure & pedicure.
5. Go for a walk in a big park, like greenwich park.
6. Buy some flowers from your local florist.
7. Watch a film on netflix.
8. Buy some chocolate.
9. Buy some wine.
10. Stay at a hotel.

You don’t always have to do something amazing,  just because everyone and their nan posts on social media doesn’t mean they’re happy! Try not to put pressure on yourself, single or in a relationship.

Even though there is only 4 days left until valentines, you can still order next day delivery!

Here are a list of dating sites, if you’re single.

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Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, spend the day loving yourself. It makes perfect sense. I am sure there will be other singles on lots of different dating sites. Arrange a date and meet someone new.

Before it wasn’t a ‘kool thing’ to online date, but now it has changed. Most young single people are now online dating. I still have friends that are in relationships, before online dating was a kool thing to do and they still are kind of unsure about. But in the single world it is normal thing now.

I love online dating because you get more of a choice! If you went on a night out and met one person it would take longer to get to know them and find out you don’t match up. With online dating it’s quick, but it gets you to the point of what you’re looking for, without weeks of getting to know someone from a night out.

I aslo have some single friends who are still ashamed to be on there. But when you’re on these sites you recognise half the people on there, doing the exact same thing as you! Their really is nothing to be ashamed of. Online dating can be fun! So if you haven’t tried it sign yourself up.

I am obviously all about being single and loving your life as it is right now. But if you feel like you have that and would like a bit extra with someone else, then just try online dating.

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I look forward to hearing your dating stories.

Love Kirsty x