we spend 12 years (sometimes more) in school and they have failed to teach us the basics of life! English, maths, history etc are rammed down our throats for years and years. Why are we not taught about our emotions or self-compassion, self-love, self-care,self-awareness? It angers me! We should be taught this as a main lesson, it is far more important than learning english and maths! Yes reading and writing help massively in life, but I think the brain we listen to each and every minute of the day is more important! We spend so much time learning things we may or may not need in the future. But we haven’t been taught to love ourselves and why that is so important. I am 26 and I have only started learning to love myself and be kind to myself. It has taken years of me being angry with myself and forcing myself to do things I don’t want to do. If I was taught this much earlier on, I could of been living my purpose years ago.
I only really started to listen to my intuition at 25. Before that I was just doing what society was telling me to do. The pressure of trying to find a job, a partner and have kids and settle down when I didn’t even know who I was, was huge! If we were taught from a young age about self it would make such a difference! I think now they have some lessons about your emotions, but it isn’t a main lesson. It should be taught daily!
Not long ago my sister had been looking at primary schools, for my niece to go to and what she sent me from one of their social media accounts was absolutely disgusting! If the teachers are treating these kids like this, how are they going to grow up with a healthy mind set. But this is a whole other subject!
The education system is outdated and needs a huge change!

The act of loving ourselves is what helps us to love others.

Confindence – We are told to fake it until we make it. But confidence comes from self love! So wouldn’t it be easier for a child to learn self love and not talk to themselves badly because they lack confidence.
 We are taught to compete with our peers, instead of empowering each other. If everyone in this world was taught to love themselves, it would be a much better place. Imagine a world where everyone supported each other and all ethnicities came together.
Self-love isn’t about staring at the mirror in awe, it’s about loving yourself enough to put your happiness ahead of anyone else’s, not in a selfish way but in a loving way.
Help you, your daughter, your son, your niece, your nephew, your sister, your friend.
Happiness should be taught! Especially when there are high levels of self-harm, depression, attempted suicide and other mental health problems. Wellbeing should be a focus in school. 
I hope soon they will change the outdated education system and have a much more healthier system.
Each of these photos are from when I was at nursery or the last one was when I was 7.

Love yourself and the rest will follow.

My teacher wrote Author – Kirsty Kinsella! I think I was meant to be a writer! Lol
On the back of that picture I wrote out a whole story about someone in my class. I wish I had to write about how I saw myself and how to love myself. But no I was taught to be nicer to someone else and write about them.
I do think there is a change happening, but it needs to be a main focus in school!
Lets hope we can change it.
Love Kirsty x

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