Bobbi Brown

I thought i would show you the make up i bought online the other day, i will do a post of what i use daily soon but i am loving these new bit’s i bought.Bobbi brown I wanted a really light but shiny eyeshadow but i don’t think i got the right shade, i still love it though! i just add a little bit of light gold glitter on top and it brings it out a lot more. I think this cost me £17.50. I really want a palette but they’re quite expensive, but i think they are worth it.bobbi brown My friend told me about this gel eyeliner a while ago and she said it was really good, so i thought i would get it and i love it! It just  makes the cat eye style, look soo much better! It makes it much easier to apply too! This cost me £18.50.bobbi brown    I didn’t realise i would get this free tester when i made the order and I’m really happy i did! Because it is so good! One of the best mascaras i have ever had i think. It makes my eyelashes look so much thicker and longer. I’ve had two people ask me what i have been using, i also use an eyelash curler but it still don’t make much of a difference with other mascaras except this one. When you order your first thing online they did say i would get 15% off, which i never did. But you get a free tester so it made up for it. I will be buying this again i looked on the website to see how much it was and it is £23.00.bobbi brown

Kirsty x


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