Why are we all frantically searching for happiness?

Why are we all frantically searching for happiness?

Why are we? Well i’m not sure, but all i do see is everyone searching and searching and asking other people.

I don’t know what your happiness feels or looks like, that is up to you and what brings you joy.

Tonight i had a conversation with a friend about how she wants this certain thing and then she will be happy in life, because she has this thing she wants. I totally disagree because i think you have to be in a certain mindset to be feeling blessed, about what you already have, even if it is little. It really is in the little things.

I guess we all look at each others lives and think they know how to live and actually you are the only person that knows, how you would like life to be.

I believe it is about creating good habits and you will have bad days, everybody does! But there should be a balance. It is tough and i don’t think anyone thinks, yes i have lot’s of money an amazing house and now i am happy. They add to your happiness but are not a goal to think i will be happy when i get there.

I think they were already happy with the things they have, so they attracted more from being happy! I think we all need to stop thinking what next and start seeing what we already have and there really is no need to rush. You will feel like what you’re doing is right, when you are on the right path. Just trust in yourself to do whatever it is that makes you happy!

Hope you can understand what i mean with this post lol.

Love Kirsty x

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