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Have you seen lots of youtubers and bloggers start making their own merchandise and thought to yourself, I would love to do that one day! I know I have. They make it look so easy and I’m like I haven’t got a clue of how I would even start my own clothing! Until I came across Hawthorn . I had a quick 10 minute chat with Tom, Co Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Hawthorn and he has made the process seem a bit more simple for me.

Hawthorn is a UK based clothing manufacturer with worldwide production. They have recently just won a Drapers award which is such an amazing achievement! As a blogger I know the effort you put in and when it gets recognised, it feels so good!

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I thought I would do a post with asking Tom some questions. So if any of you are looking to start up your own clothing brand, then I would recommend them.

1.Does Hawthorn work with bloggers and youtubers to create their merchandise?

Hawthorn is a clothing manufacturer, meaning we produce garments for many different people and businesses, including some well known youtubers and bloggers. We specialise in producing garments for start up brands mainly, although when we work with someone who’s a prominent influencer on YouTube or Instagram for example, they usually have a great following who really get behind their merchandise and keep buying it, allowing them to bring out new designs and ranges regularly.

 2.What makes a good quality garment?

There are a couple of things that go in to a high quality garment; mainly the fabric and the construction. We have actually written     a blog about how to tell if a suit is high quality which can be found here: https://www.hawthornintl.com/suit-quality-guide. This is slightly different for casual wear, but a good rule of thumb is to use high quality fabrics and handmade construction to ensure an item stands the test of time.

3.What would be the ordering process, how would someone go about contacting you and ordering?

Usually, everything starts with either a phone call or an introduction email from someone looking to start their new brand. We first determine whether the products they’d like are something we can help out with, and then we go about getting their specifications down on paper. We do have a design team who are able to help convey our customers ideas if they’re struggling, however most of the time our clients know what they’d like, and they’re happy to place a small order just to start off and see how they do. We have a full order process which can be found here, which goes in to a bit more detail: https://www.hawthornintl.com/manufacturing-process.

4.Do you have a minimum order quantity?

Yes we do, however our minimum order quantities are the lowest in the industry for fully custom clothing; from just 50pcs. Some “clothing manufacturers” may offer 10pcs per design, however really all they’re doing is taking a stock, pre made item and re branding it with your logo, meaning that the products aren’t truly unique. What we do, is make everything completely from scratch to ensure that the clothes are exactly as you’d like them. We can take your references for fabric and fit, and help to make something for your businesses which is truly one of a kind, and unique to you. To put it in to perspective, there are other manufacturers who can offer this service, but not at the low quantity we can. They may ask for 300pcs per design for example, which is just out of reach for many start ups. We started Hawthorn with the aim to make unique custom clothing accessible for new brands, not just large corporations.

5.What are manufactures like yourselves, doing to help make the fashion industry more environmentally friendly?

We have actually had a drive recently to raise awareness of sustainability in the fashion industry, since it’s currently the second most polluting industry in the world! Following the rise of “fast fashion”, a lot of non environmentally friendly fabrics raised in popularity, including polyester which is a by-product of fossil fuels. We’re making a real drive to ensure that our customers have access to sustainable fabrics like organic cotton. We wrote a blog on the subject of sustainability which can be found here: https://www.hawthornintl.com/sustainable-fashion.

Hope you found this post interesting. I know, I found it useful for what I want to do in the future.

Link to their website here


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