It is copper but looks dark because the reflection of my camera, which is rather annoying.

Hello everyone,

Ineffabless emailed me again to say that they wanted to gift me another item! They gifted me my Personalised love bracelet last time, which you can see here Bracelet Blog post .

 I was like yes please, I still love my bracelet and I wear it all the time! This time I thought I would choose the personalised name necklace, with my nieces name Sienna on it. I think it’s such a lovely keepsake piece of jewellery! On the back of the jewellery is plain rose gold so you can wear it either way, which I personally love. Thank you Ineffabless for this lovely necklace! I love it. My niece always points it out to! It is quite heavy to so you know its on and doesn’t feel like it’s going to break.

You can buy it here  there are so many lovely things on there. You just want it all!




They currently have a sale on all there personalised things which you can buy here. They’re not overpriced either.

Thank you Ineffables.


Kirsty x

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