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I got gifted this Gardening & Nature activity box from Mud & Bloom, for me and my niece to do. I love the whole idea of this box, because it is all about getting out in the garden or going on a nature walk. Just getting fresh air and teaching my 3 year old niece new things, which she absolutely loves. There are games and seeds and loads of information about birds and nature that we can do.

Some weeks I get stuck for ideas of what next to do with my niece, when she isn’t at nursery. She loves when I get my monthly glossybox and she always wants to open it with me. Sometimes I wait until she comes over just to open it, because I know she loves it!

She always reminds herself ‘aunties present’ lol bless her! So this subscription box was just for her and she was so excited!

I love supporting new businesses and things I can really connect with, I think this is such a good idea. 

I remember gardening with my mum & dad when I was little. My dad was a gardener and my mum is always doing their garden. So I’m sure my mum and dad will get involved with us in the garden. Planting the seeds.

Even though after we decided to plant the seeds we read the slip and it said to put them in a jar lol! When we got in the garden we were freezing and just decided to get into it, not realising we were doing it wrong ‘silly auntie’ lol. I didn’t want to keep her outside to long, because she has been very unwell.

Sienna is always watching the birds on the feeders in the garden and the squirrels that come and have nuts from the feeder. She can sit there for at least half an hour sometimes just watching them. She loves animals.

  • A box costs £7.95 a month inclusive of shipping if you’re based in the UK.
  • We ship every month between the 28th and the 6th. If you have a running subscription you will receive your box around the 1st of the month each month.
  • There is no minimum subscription, you can cancel at any time
  • We ship worldwide from the UK, the shipping cost for none UK orders will be added at check out.
This is Siennas freezing face!

If your stuck for ideas or can’t find a good subscription box, then try this one.



Kirsty x

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