What I got for Christmas

What I got for Christmas

Hello everyone, I hope you had an amazing Christmas with all your family! I had the best Christmas this year and not just because of all of the presents I got. Even though I loved every single one I received! My family and friends know me so well.

It was so nice to watch my niece open her presents! We got her two little kittens as she loves our 10 year old cat, but because the cats older she doesn’t really love the attention she would rather sleep. So we thought we would get her two kittens and she loves them! They sit in the basket of her new dolls pram and she slowly pushes them round, they are so chilled. As I sit here and write this now, they will now leave me alone lol!

But yeah back to all the presents I got, I will try to leave links to everything I got.

I love reading and watching on youtube ‘what I got for Christmas’ So I thought I would share with you what I got. There are a few bits I haven’t took photos of, I got a couple of tops. But I have already wore both of the tops Christmas day and boxing day, so there wasn’t much point of me taking photos of them. But I’m sure you will see the tops on my Instagram soon which is @Kirstysloves

Fujifilm instax share Printer

My mum & dad brought me this instax printer and I LOVE it!! I am so happy I got this! I have wanted one for ages! It comes with 10 films and I have used them already! My mum brought me an extra 20 pack though. I am now on my second pack. It is so worth the money and I am so happy with it. Thank you mum and dad!! You can buy it here (Instax Printer) & you can buy the extra film here (Film 10 x 2) They are only £14.99 for 20 extra films. You don’t even need to buy new ink.

Russel Hobbs Brita Kettle

My mum and dad also got me this kettle that I have wanted since I have moved in my flat! Its the Russell Hobbs Brita Kettle I can’t wait to set up and start using it. It’s so pretty! You know your getting old when you get a kettle for christmas and call it pretty lol but I am so happy with it!

The ultimate blog planner by dot creates

My brother asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I see this a while ago and thought it would be perfect for me to get organised. I didn’t get round to getting it. So when my brother asked me what I wanted this was the first thing that came to my mind. I love to support small businesses to.

Tonight after doing this I am gonna start getting organised for all my new blog posts coming up. Shop it here

Primark Slippers

My mum and dad got me these as well, but we all know your mum gets everything and your dad is just as surprised as you are when you open them lol. I can’t link these as primark doesn’t have a website yet! Hopefully in 2018 they will make one.


I love all my stationary I got, again from mum and dad. I can’t wait to set it all up properly on my desk. Its all so pretty!

I don’t know where she got it all from though. Sorry.

I needed loads of new stationary, so I’m super happy!

Lacoste Touch Of Pink Perfume 

My auntie Karen & her husband got me this perfume and body lotion. I get this nearly every year and I still love it! Its my summer smell. Shop it here

Primark fake plant 

My sister and her partner got me this and it goes with all my new stationary set! I’m glad it isn’t real I am not the best at keeping them alive. Its from primark home. As you can see from the tag lol.


Everyone loves chocolate for christmas!

Yankee candle & Lush face and body mask

My friend Sam got me this lush face and body mask which I used yesterday and I love it! Masks are my favourite things. I have never had one from lush and this one has made my skin feel super soft! She also got me this candle and it smells so good! I cannot wait to start burning it.

Primark tea towels 

My mum got me some random tea towels! I do love the pom poms! I always love new tea towels!

Primark toiletry set

My mum got me this toiletry set for when I need to stay out.

Random bits

Every year my mum always gets me and my sister a box of stuff, usually make up and things. But this year I had already got my self lots of new make up so I said not to get any. But she still did a box of stuff with random bits anyway, which I love.

 Fearne Cotton Happy The Journal 

My Sister and her partner got me this to. After I have finished all that I’m doing tonight i’m gonna get into bed and fill this out! It looks so good when I flicked through it the other day.

Pom Pom Keyring

Love hearty keyring 

Again I don’t know where my mum got these keyrings from. If I find out I will link them, If I can.

Movie night in set

Shop it here

I have linked an alternitive, I can’t find this exact one. But how nice is this! My friend Beck got me this and she just knows me so well! There is nothing more than staying in with a good film!

Lush bath bomb

My sister got me this bath bomb its called luxury lush pud bath bomb and it smells so good! I can’t wait to use it with my nice candle lit in a relaxing bath.

Dove shower body wash & socks 

Who doesn’t love a dove body wash gift set and some socks! My mums friend got me these.

Photo frame.

I just love this and it is gonna go so well in my office room, with all my rose gold stationary. I don’t know where my mum got this from again!

Primark Chip Mug

I am not really a Disney kind of girl, I do love some of the films and always love some disney pj’s & mugs but other than that its not really me. But how cute is this mug though! I do love a cup of tea in a small mug.

Make up brushes 

I think these are from primark. I always use my real techniques sponge. But I thought I would try these yesterday and they do blend my foundation in nicely! Give them a try if you haven’t already.

Tea light holder

Primark Shampoo & conditioner 

I have never used primark shampoo and conditioner but my mum thought I would like it, because she knows I love the smell of coconut.

Purity Cleanser 

My mum also got me my favourite cleanser that I use everyday! Shop it here


Primark chip shorts and top pj set

Minnie & Mickey mouse pjs from primark

Sprinkle of magic bomb cosmetics & Libra horoscope book.

My friend chenelle got me both of these and I love them! I can’t wait to start using my bath bomb collection and read my horoscope book. Thank you Chenelle for my presents!!

How nice are these bath bombs!


 Hope you like posts like this!

Thank you to everyone who came round and got me presents! I love them all!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas & new year!

I can’t wait to do loads more posts on here this year!

Love Kirsty x

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