Update on my niece

As you have probably seen I’ve wrote on Instagram and twitter about my niece. She got rushed in to hospital with suspected meningitis. Ive had a few messages asking if she’s okay so I thought I would do a post.

(Update on my niece) she is still in hospital with suspected meningitis, its the worse thing in the world! Yesterday she picked up a bit and them went back really unwell and today she has picked up and has gone in the hospital play room. She still keeps getting really bad temperatures and she was hallucinating last night! Which was so scary and horrible.. I just want her to get better now! Kids being ill is so scary and I’ve had a lump in my throat for days! but we have been face timing. Which has made me feel a bit better! I don’t want to go to the hospital just incase I give her any cold on top of what she already has.

Praying that she gets better quickly and then I can start to look forward to Christmas again! All small problems in life just seem stupid when somebody is in hospital. I am sure she will be out very soon and bossing me about lol.

Hopefully tomorrow we should get her results back. Lets hope its just a virus and it will go away.

She’s on the strongest antibiotics and she has a really good doctor my sister said so I’m happy that things are going in the right direction!

I love you so much Sienna!!!

Best friends in the whole world xxxxxxx

So good to see her in the play room!

The hospital are gonna be sending of her results to a laboratory in Manchester.

I’ll update this post when the doctor has been and we know.

So I had this post written up and I didn’t post it! But I thought I would post it now. The tests results came back and it was sepsis! Such a scary thing and feels like everything is out of your hands!

She picked up and started getting better over the Christmas period which were all so happy about! She got two new kittens and loads of new toys. But after boxing day she has started to get unwell again! She has got to see the doctor at the hospital tomorrow. She has had a blood test and it came back okay and so did her x-ray. Hopefully her immune system just fights it of now and hopefully she can rest and start to get better!

Nhs website Sepsis

If anyone you know has any of these symptoms don’t wait for a rash or anything just go straight to the hospital! If your instincts feel like something isn’t right just take them to the hospital straight away! Things can happen so quickly. It is so scary! Don’t think you are ever overreacting.

Zebneys & Zonkey by Michelle Hargreaves

Whilst she was in hospital I received an email asking me if my niece would like to be gifted this book and I said YES she loves books! As you can tell by her face. When she came round to my mums I left the book on my bed, I have there and she ran over to it and started looking at the pictures straight away.

This book is so good and especially for her age, she doesn’t like to listen for to long. So because it is kept so short, she will sit and listen for the whole book.

It also is for people with dyslexia which I love! Because my dad has dyslexia, I’m gonna get him to try read it to her.

At the end of the book it has lots of activity’s for her to do which is really good! I love to support small company’s & family’s as well. So if your little one wants a new book, go have a look here.

Love Kirsty x

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