February favourites.

My February Favourites.

Hello everyone, i thought i would do monthly favourites every month, if i can. I enjoy doing these, so hope you like them!

1. Ikea chair & rug.

I love my new desk chair! It’s suppose to be a dining room chair… But it looks so good as a desk chair! Its clear acrylic and it is so comfortable! I also got the white rug from ikea, it is really soft! I did want a grey one but i do like the white/cream to. The chair was £55.00 and the rug was £10.00.

2. Ikea ribba frame & poster.

I LOVE these frames! They are so much bigger and good quality then i thought, because i ordered online. I am really happy with them and also the posters! These will be going into my new office room. I also really want to find a ballerina picture with some glitter on, I’m going to look around.

The frames cost £9.00 each.

The posters cost £6.00 for two, so good!

3. Ciaté nail polish.

If you see my nail polish collection before you will know i love ciate nail polish! It is from my glossybox which i posted last week. Even though i already put it in my glossybox’s post, i really love it so i thought i would put it in my February favourites. It’s my perfect colour. It’s called iced frappe and they’re usually £9.00.

4. Tk max cushions and Matalan dusky pink cushion.

I love these two blueish grey cushions which i got from tkmaxx, they are duck feather and so big! I always love tk maxx’s cushions they where £10.00 each which is really worth it!

I also got this Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion which is big two and its just so fluffy, i either put it on my bed or on my desk chair. I’ll definitely be buying some more of them and i can’t wait for them to go in my flat. This one was £8.00

5. Welcome mat.

I got this from matalan, i wasn’t going to put anything of my flat on here, just yet because i wanted to do a before and after, but i got this and it’s so cute. i thought i would show you! It was only £5.00.

6. Oral b electric toothbrush & 3d white toothpaste.

I’ve wanted a electric toothbrush for ages and i got this from superdrug which cost £24.98. It came with the bathroom plug which is two pin and my bathroom hasn’t got that, so i have had to order a plug adapotor which hasn’t come yet. I can’t find my old holiday one. I can’t wait to use it.

This toothpaste is so good! It is quite expensive at £4.50 but it is worth it. I used to use Colgate but i switched to this one and it makes my teeth feel so clean and does whiten them, i’ll be definitely purchasing this again.

7. Urban ice waffle.

This looks really chocolatey but it was good but very sickly! I just ate the corner and my brother had some. It is definitely a sharing portion! I won’t be ordering this again for a while… I am back to slimming world and can’t to feel healthy again!

Hope you like posts like this.

Kirsty x

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