Mini Lush Haul 2017

Unicorn bubbles, bath bomb, shampoo bar & toothy tabs.

Hello everyone, i thought i would show you what i got from lush from yesterday! Usually when i walk past lush in bluewater it gives me a headache! I don’t know if anyone else gets the same? it smells so strong! But i really wanted some bubble bath that is natural, because i have really sensitive skin. Although it is full of colour and looks like it would be bad for sensitive skin, i think it is all natural products and it didn’t effect my skin, i felt so soft after last nights bath and it was so relaxing. I ordered these bits online and when i got them the box smelt really strong and i thought oh no my bath is gonna give me a headache!

But i had one last night and it does not smell as strong thankfully! You get lots of bubbles from just a little bit of the unicorn bar and your bath goes pinky/purple, i love it!

Twilight bath bomb cost £3.75

I have my niece coming to stay tonight so she can have my bath bomb and some bubbles she is going to love it, she loves having a bath so this will make it magical for her. We are going to have a movie night and watch trolls.

Unicorn horn bubble bar cost £4.25

Miles of smiles toothy tabs cost £5.95

I don’t think i will be buying these again! They are to fizzy for me and i don’t really like the taste! I felt sick for ages after using this so think i will be giving these away.

Jumping juniper shampoo bar cost £5.95

I love this so much, it looks like soap! But it is shampoo and i love it, the scent isn’t to strong and it lathers up very quickly and made my hair feel very clean and soft. Worth the £5.95 i would say. This seems like it will last a while to.


I used the unicorn horn bubble bar last night and look how pretty it looks!

The online delivery cost is £3.29 

Hope you like my mini lush haul & hope you have an amazing weekend!

Kirsty x

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