Setting boundaries with people in life.

Setting boundaries with people in life.

I’ve always been brought up to be kind and to do anything for anyone. My nature is just to be nice. But as i have gotten older I’ve realised that yes it is nice to be nice, but you HAVE to set boundaries with people no matter what! Even if its family. Of course in hard times i will always be there for people. But don’t let people drain you.

I always think of the other person before me and if i have an argument i am like what have i done to make that person like this. But not anymore yes i am a good person. But i wont be trampled over and if someone is doing something wrong in my life i am not scared to say any more. If you step out of line, i will tell you. It is so important.

As i am now setting my boundaries people don’t like it, but I’m sure they’ll get use to.

Just remember when you’re setting boundaries people wont like it and that is okay and also it doesn’t make you a bad person but sometimes people need to take into consideration you. It isn’t just them who are having a hard time, big or small.

So just remember this if you need to appreciate someone a bit more. Just stop and realise even when you’re running round trying to be perfect, don’t forget the people that help you along the way!

Kirsty x

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