Following your heart.

Following your heart.

So yesterday i followed my heart and did what i have been thinking to do for a long time! It was difficult being vulnerable, but i just feel like it was something i needed to do! Right now i am thinking was that the right decision to make and i have to tell myself yes, yes it was the right thing to do! Be vulnerable and listen to all your feelings and emotions. Even if the answer is rejection, at least you have made that decision with yourself and know that what you was feeling is right.

It is so hard to be vunerable isn’t it? Well i guess thats what i struggle with and i really don’t like uncertainty! But i am learning to say how i feel and be proud for doing it!

No one likes rejection but sometimes to move on in your life you need to just say how you feel!

So for anyone struggling with your decisions, follow what you feel because that is your truth! Even if it feels hard or you get rejected from it. Just know that it isn’t meant to be, right now and that is okay.

Focus on yourself and instead of stuffing the feelings down feel them. Life isn’t perfect, but there is perfect reasons in the lessons you learn. When things don’t go perfectly it shows you what you need to do, to work on yourself like nothing else will! So with what ever you are feeling to do right now, Just do it without fear. Because if you don’t get what you want out of the situation at least you have spoke your truth and if it doesn’t go right then you will feel all the things you need to do to work on yourself.

 Life is full of ups and downs! Just whatever you do, do you ❤

Kirsty x

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