8 things i want for my new home.

8 things i want for my new home from everything mirror!

So as you all know i have got my first little home! By myself although it is kind of daunting, i am so excited! The main part i am excited for right now is to decorate it how i like.

I’m going to do a blog post about it very soon and you can see the pictures from before and after. Right now i can’t help myself i keep looking for decoration to make it more like home!

I found this website called everything mirror and i fell in love with these 8 things!

Large Pair of Elegant Ballet Girls Statuettes


I have never done ballet in my life! But there is just something about ballet dancer pictures/ornaments that i love. It is a little bit expensive but it looks classy.

Silver Full Length Elegant Bevelled Mirror


Look at this long length mirror! It is so beautiful, i was thinking of putting it on the wall as you come up my stairs. I’ll put photos of my new home soon.

Large Charming Silver Sitting Lady Statuette


I have a fireplace, i was thinking this would look so cute on top of it. The price is so good too i think.

Silver Sleeping Buddha Beautiful Modern Ornament


I’m having my room silver so i think this will look so nice.

Set of Three Small Dazzling Ballet Girls


Another ballet ordament that i just love! I live the green colour to its so pretty and elegent .

Small Modern All Glass Bevelled Venetian Dressing Table Mirror


I love this mirror for the top of a dressing table, i am still undecided on what dressing table i would like, but i do love this mirror one. How good is that price for a dressing table top mirror!

Large Silver round Venetian multi-dimentional wall mirror


I ABSOLUTEY love this round mirror, i think it will look perfect above my fireplace. It is on a bit more of the pricer side but it looks worth it.

Frameless Art Deco Style Modern Bevelled Venetian Mirror


I thought i found everything i liked, but then i found this! I love this one or the other long mirror. I am still undecided. Okay i just went back and looked at the price i think i will be saving a long time for this one lol.

I have got 10% off using the vouchercode: KIRSTYTEN

Everything on this post i have added the links to, so you can just click on the title of the images.

Go check them out they have got such nice stuff!

Kirsty x


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