What I got for Christmas…

Ted Baker Treasure Trove.


I LOVE this gift set my mum bought me, the mascara is amazing and even the eyelash curlers are so much better than the ones i had! I love the lipsticks as well! One is like a nude and the other is a pinkish colour. The nude one is my favourite.


Weekly Planner

I love being organised so this stays on my desk and just helps me plan out my week so much better.

Two candles

One was from my younger brother bless him and the the other one was from my friend, Chenelle she got me the coconut and rum one. They both smell amazing!

Zen calendar and diary

My friend Chenelle also got me a calendar and diary because she knows how i like to be organised! Which i never use to be before! Like at all! Lol she use to always moan at me to hurry up…Strange how things change as you get old!

Thorntons & Prosecco

Two amazing things together! My friend beck got me this i think i’ll have a glass of this tonight 🙂


This looks like a big pot of vaseline but it isn’t, it has 3 pots of vaseline inside. I love my lip care as my mum knows, because i leave pots everywhere lol


Beau xoxo.

I love this bow the glitter doesn’t come of it! It is just so pretty. I bought a couple of these bows for my niece too and i will definitely be getting some more.

Beyonce Heat Rush.

This smells so nice! It is one of my favourite perfumes! But i have to say the smell doesn’t really last long, or i just get use to the smell.

Minnie Mouse Slippers.

How cute are these and they’re so comfortable i need to get some more. I never really have Disney things because thats not really me. But i don’t mind some pyjamas and Disney slippers.

Grey sparkle slippers.

My mum got me two pairs of slippers this year lol


River island Top.

How nice is this mustard colour long sleeve top! It’s a bit see through but i love it!

Primark Mickey & Minnie mouse pyjamas.

I always get a size bigger in pjs so they’re extra comfy… My mum knows me so well lol

The mickey mouse print is glittery. They are so comfortable.

Love Love Love.

Topshop bag.

My sister got me this toyshop bag, its got a long strap to so can be used as a shoulder bag as well, i say i love everything i got because i do, but I’ve used this most days since i got it!


Home accessories.

I’m not sure where my mum got these from… She got them for my new flat.


I would never put what i got from a Christmas cracker up lol but each cracker i won had a key ring and i just thought it was strange because a week before Christmas i got my first flat. So i thought it was a good sign.

Primark home glass heart with lights.

You can’t really tell how nice this is but when it’s lit up, it’s so pretty. I haven’t got these out yet! Think I’m going to wait to put them in the flat.

Crystal bulb lights.

I haven’t got these out yet either, these will be going in the flat to.

Ugg boots.

I got a pair of ugg boots about 2 years ago and they’re the same ones as these, but they’re ruined now! I didn’t really know how to look after them before! I think i might do separate post on uggs soon.


Ugg sheepskin care kit.

So i can clean my old pair and see if they can come back a bit and to keep my new ones looking fresh! I’m a bit scared of using it on my new ones.


Yankee candle and glass pot and a bottle of prosecco.

I got these from my friend Sam, These will be going up my flat 🙂 Thank you Sam!

Hotel Chocolat.

I am back on slimming world, so i will be sharing these with the painters and decorators at the flat lol.

I got some more things a dressing gown, a key ring with a little picture of my niece and a few other bits. But i Haven’t had time to take pictures of them. This post is up kind of late lol

But yeah thank you Mum & dad and everyone for my gifts i love them all!

I had such a good christmas this year, feeling happy and content with myself and new years i spent in my pyjamas with a baileys and ice and watched the fireworks from the window.

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and i hope you have an amazing year!

Love Kirst x

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