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Today i woke up and i realised that i need a mental rest day! As i have said before nobody really recognise’s that you need those days as well as physical rest! So I thought because i haven’t been posting on here recently, i will tell you whats been happening. Obviously it has been Christmas and it is always busy at my mums house this time of the month. So i was doing my advent calendar post but things got hectic and in the middle of all this i got my own flat, it needs a lot of work done, to it. So i have just been stressing over doing all that whilst entertaining everyone at my mums for Christmas. I feel like i haven’t had time for me and some self reflection.

So the blog has taken a back seat but they’re are two blog posts i really want to put up! But i just haven’t had time and the mental space to sit down and write. I have all the pictures done to finish of my advent calendar and I’m going to do another post of what i got for Christmas… Maybe one about the new year two, but i am not sure yet.

I am learning to step away from others when i need time for myself and not get so caught up with helping others! I can be there for them but i have my own stuff to concentrate on right now! Its going to be a busy year! I want to take some pictures of the flat to! So i can have before an after pictures, its an old victorian house/flat it is so nice and i have got an office room two. I am excited/nervous of the new chapter in my life. But as i said before it needs a lot of work so i wont be moving in straight away.

Writing helps me get what i am feeling out and also making lists of what i want to get done. But some days i literally need to just rest and not put so much on myself. There isn’t any rush. Rest days are just as important as any other day! I like just being by myself sometimes to gather myself and my thoughts.

All my friends are panicking about new years eve and what to do for the night but to me it really makes no difference i am happy with where i am at in life right now. I don’t need to go out or get drunk! I can celebrate the new year, by myself in front of the tv or listening to music i don’t need a big thing to happen, Just to feel like i am doing something.

Write now i am writing and listening to jazz music! If you had asked my when i was a teenager what i would be doing, this is not what i would of had planned! Lol but i am happy with where i am at!

So for tonight i am going to pour myself a glass of baileys with ice, put a face mask on. Then have a bath and relax in bed! Hope you realise you need mental rest days to 🙂

Love Kirsty x

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