My bedroom


I bought some new bedding from Tk maxx the other day it was £24.99 and it is so soft! I don’t know if you can see it has lace on the edge of the pillow cases and lace on the top part of the bedding. I also got the big love cushion from there , i didn’t expect it to be that big! Because i ordered it online, but i love it. The picture makes it look smaller, that was £16.99 i think. I also want to buy some more throw overs for the bottom of the bed, but they can be so expensive and i can’t find one i really like! But i am going to look around. Also my night stands aren’t finished yet, i have just put random accessories on there for now. kirsty kinsella

 This is where i do most of my writing and things, but i think it’s time i buy a desk! So that’s my mission for tomorrow. I’ll show you when i get one. My bed is from ikea and my nightstands are from there to. i’m not sure how much i payed, they should be still on the website. I bought glass for on the tops of the nightstands, because i have a dressing table without glass and it marks so easy! I need some things putting on the walls as well, it looks very bare on this side of the bedroom. But on the other side i have wallpaper. Not sure what i want to put on the walls yet. But yeah this is my unfinished room, i’ll put some photos up when i feel like it has finished.

Kirsty x


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