January favourites.

January favourites.

New Look Slippers.


Think i paid £9.00 for these when they were on sale… But i have just had a look and they’re now £3.00! Don’t you hate when that happens lol

They are so comfy although they are quite annoying when walking up the stairs because the front is quite bulky.


i always feel like I’m going to full down the stairs lol.

Ysl Primer.

This primer feel so good! It has little gold bits in but it feels so soft when it’s on and helps my make up last longer! I love the brush it has too. I got this out of my advent calendar and I’ve used it a lot since.

Mind Body Spirit Magazine.

I saw this advertised on tv and i just love things like this, i have never bought anything like this, but it is worth the money! This one was only 99p.

Hair oil, So Susan, Ted baker eyelash curlers and Hairon.

I thought i would put all these into one photo but i love love these 4 things! When i go to bed with my hair wet, my hair is naturaly curly so when i wake up it looks so dry! So i just put this oil in and it makes it look so nice! Also when i curl my hair i put this in and it just defines the curls. The So Susan pencil i have been using for ages now and it has been my favourite for a while. I got it in my glossybox and when i run out, i will definitely be buying another.. I put it under my eyebrows once i have penciled them in to make them look a bit fuller and then this pencil just defines it so nicely! The ted baker curlers i got in a gift set, from my mum for christmas and these are the best eyelash curlers I’ve ever owned. Also these hair bands i got from my glossybox again and they’re the smaller ones so they don’t stretch loads and look to big when i tie my hair up.

Slimming world book.

I got this from eBay although it is quite expensive i think it was £9.95 i thought this would help me lots and when it came in the post it has got so much in it that will help. So i happy with this and can’t wait to start using it.

Candle oil burner and crystals.

I got this when i subscribed to get mind body spirit magazine you get a free gift every time a magazine comes out, from subscribing and i needed an oil burner and this came so i was so happy with it! Also look how pretty these crystals are! The pink one is to help you sleep if you put it under your pillow.

My make up collection.

Yesterday i organised this a bit better i have got so much make up and i have still got two more boxes full! These are things i usually use though and the tray has got a glass mirror underneath i think it looks pretty.

Hope you like my January favourites i might try and do it every month! Let me know.

Kirsty x



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