Christmas advent calender.

My Christmas advent calender.

img_1192_fotorThis year i went for this amazing advent calendar! It’s from boots. Last year i had a Ciaté nail polish advent calendar, this year i decided to go for this. I did originally see the No7 advent calendar which was so cheap and had amazing products in! But because i looked for one a bit late it was out of stock! So i couldn’t find one i really liked after that for ages, until i see this one!

but i did have a bit of a mare getting this one, it is quite pricey at £85.00 so i know someone who could get me some money off, so i waited until she could order it for me. But by the time she went to order it, it was out of stock! I soo badly wanted it lol so i kept looking for a few days later and more came back on the website! I was sooo happy and they also had 10% off online so i ordered it, it didn’t say it would arrive until the 5th of December, but i didn’t mind.

But it arrived exactly on the 1st of December. I was like a kid at christmas haha…I’ll post what i get each day.

Day 1.


 Yves Saint Laurent black opium.

This smells so good and the bottle is small and so cute.

Day 2.


Lancôme hydra zen.

This stuff feels really good i put some under my eyes, I don’t know if i am allergic though. Because my eyes went red and were stinging and itchy, but i could of been tired!

I don’t know i’ll try it again. It does feel good on the skin.


Day 3.

Lancôme khol eyeliner.

I haven’t tried this on my eyes just yet, but i put some on my hand and had trouble getting it of so i think this could be a good eyeliner, my eyes water a lot! I’m looking forward to trying this.

Day 4.


Viktor and Rolf.

This smell’s so fricking nice!!! Defiantly going to have to get the fall size bottle now. Look how cute this little bottle is! Love Love Love…

Day 5.

YSL Blur Primer.

Touche Éclat Blur Primer

I haven’t used this properly just yet, but i tried a little bit and it made my skin feel so soft! Its got little gold bits in.

Day 6.

Lancôme Mascara.

This is such a good mascara, it goes on really well and doesn’t come out clumpy at all. I will definitely be buying a full sized mascara.

Day 7.

Lancôme Cleanser.

I haven’t used this yet because i have found my skincare routine and it is working, so i really don’t want to mess with it lol

DAY 8.

LANCÔME Perfume.

I was a little bit disappointed with this not going to lie it’s so tiny! But it does smell really nice.

Day 9.


Gentle softening cleansing fluid 

I took my make up of with this last night, i thought i would try it. I don’t love it just yet! But thats only because i love the cleanser i already use, this just feels like moisturiser. It does take your make up off though.

Day 10.

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb

This smells okay i think i need to use it a bit more to like it more. Look how cute the bottle is though!

Day 11.

Lancôme Youth activating concentrate.

I haven’t tried this just yet… but i’ll let you know if its in my December favourites when i start to use it.

Day 12.

Lancôme Énergie de vie.

Day 13.

Advanced Génifique Yeux.

Thats the end to where i got to of uploading lol Sorry!

I thought i would post some pictures of then end of the calendar and everything i got in it.

and there is the rest of it lol hope you’ve liked this post! Also i just wanted to the Ysl eyeliner was my favourite thing out the whole advent calendar… I will defo be purchasing the full sized one!

Love Kirst xx

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