My November Favs & a black Friday offer


1. November glossybox

I always love my glossybox, but this months one i love! I had ran out of razors, so when i see razors i was so happy lol they were the wilkinson sword raspberry rain ones, they’re really good. I also got a really nice eyeshadow and kiss eyelashes. A blending brush and a face mask with a small raffaello chocolate. I did see on instagram other people got a sleep pillow spray that i would of loved! But i am happy with what i got. I would definitely recommend subscribing to Glossybox, you can get 10% off the November Glossybox when you sign up to any subscription plan using the code NOV10UK. Offer ends 30th November 2016 🙂

2. I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here

Usually i always want to get into watching I’m a celeb but i just can’t, but this year I’m loving it so far! They have such a good bunch of people this year with good chemistry! Although I’m not sure about the two new people they have put in! Which have divided the group hopefully fingers crossed they won’t keep the group divided. I actually like watching people get a long and having fun! Not people arguing!

3. Primrose oil & b6 vitamins 


These vitamins are amazing! I suffer from pms quite bad and they help with my mood swings a lot! I would recommend everyone to get these, if they suffer. They’ve helped me a lot and they’re cheap, i got them from my local chemist. The primrose oil has 30 tablets and the b6 ones have 60.

4. Christmas songs 

This week i have been working on a project, that is gonna be on my blog very soon! It’s so exciting creating all of it. I’ve been listening to christmas songs to get me in the mood.

5.  Hot chocolate 


I have also been having hot chocolate to get me in the mood for christmas. I’ve been using my christmas drinking jar with cream and marshmallows. Also I was a bit bad, because my mum made some chocolate chip biscuits, so i had one of those.

6. P.s i love you (film)


I LOVE this film if you haven’t watched it, you should lol! I always watch it around this time of year and although it is kind of sad it is really positive too.

7. Grace Francesca’s blog

This girls blog is amazing i love her youtube channel to, but her blog has been so raw and honest, which i love from blogs. I hate looking on someones blog and they just have beauty related things. I’m like give me some truth… Go check her out.

8. Christmas decorations 

As i said before i have been working on a project, for my blog which i should be hopefully putting up soon! So i have had to get my christmas decs out, which i love to do anyway. We usually do it around the end of november anyway. So its all christmassy and exciting.

9. #TodayI’mGrateful… Trending tweet on twitter

I use to always write out 3 things I’m grateful for everyday in my daily planner, but i stopped. So seeing this on twitter, i had to start doing it! The 3 things I’m grateful for today is 1. My blog 2. My little niece, i just love her sooo much! 3. Candles.

10. Printerpix


I have been loving the printerpix website! They have kindly gifted me some vouchers for there website and i have decided to give one voucher to my sister for christmas. She will have lots of pictures to print of my niece! I have ordered some things to , but they haven’t arrived just yet, but when they do i’ll do a blog post or a video. When i last got my canvas, the quality was so good! So yeah go check them out and black friday is tomorrow and they’ve got 75% off! Which is so good because i find there prices really good. Only 75% off tomorrow.

Kirsty x

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