Girls night in & what i got for my birthday!


Hello everyone, i thought i’d show you what i got up to on my birthday and some of the things i got 🙂 let me know if you like posts like this. I’ve missed some stuff out! I also got some money, a john lewis voucher & two tops and 3 bottles of prosecco. It was such a good night! My family & friends are just the best. So thanks everyone for what you got me if you’re reading this.




My friend got me this candle it is so pretty & smells amazing, its smells like lemons. Which i love just clean fresh scent.


I also got these two candles as you can tell i love candles! They smell amazing especially the cranberry one which i don’t usually like the smell of.


Body shop nail polishes.


The Body Shop face mask

I love love love this pot of mask! I only tried it like last month, from my glossybox and i fell in love lol i was telling the girls about it and one of my friends tried it and loved it! Then she bought me a pot of it 🙂


Tom Ford perfume

when i first smelt this not going to lie i was a bit like i don’t know, because its so strong at first but i love the smell once it settles! The smell lasts quite a long time to!


I also got this Beyonce Pulse perfume, i have got a few other perfumes of hers but i have never smelt this one. It smells sooo good.



Yankee Candle.

Love my yankee candles!


Mark Hill Hair Mask.

I absolutely love this hair mask! It makes my hair feel super soft, i have never tried mark hills hair treatments before! My sister got me this, i’ll definitely be buying this again.


Superdrug face masks.


Round diamond studs.


Flutterbyes bath bomb.

How cute is this bath bomb! My sister also got me this, its from a little shop in bexleyheath. I have just looked online they have a website to, which  I never knew about!  i love this shop! It’s so cute.


Square diamond earrings.


Katie Price’s book Reborn.


Round diamond earrings.

These have got a big diamond in the middle then some diamonds all around it. I had a bigger pair of these which i had for over two years and i lost them! So i love these.


Thortons chocolate.

How cute is this Auntie chocolate!


I invited the girls round for a pj wine and games night, but my mum decided to decorate the living room and buy us these lol

there was another pair of these but i think she went home with it on haha… I didn’t get no pictures of the decorated living room unfortunately. Sorry if these pictures are grainy, they were taken on our phones.


Me & the girls.

When i looked back at some of the photos i realised i want to get back on slimming world! But i don’t care what i look like i had such a funny night! It has been a while since I’ve laughed as much! Three of the girls have kids now so we don’t get to do things as often anymore. Think we are going to be doing a ann summers party next! So that should be interesting lol


Beer pong.

My brother had beer pong so we decided to borrow it and instead of beer we had shots! I would definitely recommend this game it is so funny.




Bean boozled.

This game is not very nice but hilarious when drinking! The jelly beans taste horrible, I am glad i didn’t get the worst ones though.



It was the best chilled night I’ve had in ages! We drank a lot of prosecco. Thanks girls for coming!!!


Birthday with my niece.

The next day was my actual 25th birthday and all my family came around we had a roast and because its near halloween, we carved a pumpkin and watched the grinch with my niece. It was Perfect.


Let me know if you like posts like this?! I usually like posts like this because I’m nosey! Lol Hope you have had an amazing firework night/weekend!

Kirsty xx

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