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Hey everyone, i got gifted this beautiful canvas from printerpix. I decided to get this photo of my niece, when she was first born. In some hospitals they come round to take photos. The photo’s came out beautiful. Even though my niece is nearly 3 i love this picture so much! Printerpix also gave me an amazing 60% of offer, that i will link at the bottom of this page for you 🙂


 i decided to use this picture for my canvas and it came back amazing! you can see every little detail when she was born her skin on her hands were a bit flakey and you can actually see that on the canvas.


She had some milk spots which you can actually see to. You probably can’t tell in this picture.


You might be able to see two dots here which are the milk spots! Which are so so so cute!


I thought i would make the picture look a bit more autumnal. With some candles, cones and leafs.


I am so impressed with this canvas i can’t wait for it to be put on my wall! It even came with a hook on the back, so i can put it straight up :)! I’ll probably ordering my sister one to.


Thank you printerpix i’ll definitely be using your website again.

60% off site wide!

My Promotional code is: KIRSTYKINSELLA

Offer ends: 31st october 2016

Kirsty x

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