Things to remember when you are having a bad day.


This morning i woke up to feeling rubbish and that is okay, i have to remind myself that it is okay to have one of them days too. Family life has been a bit stressful lately, i have to find a way of just concentrating on my own stuff, of course i will still help them. But i have to try not to take on there stuff as well as my own. Life can be tough sometimes! But it’s normal to have ups and downs, it is just a part of life. These are a few things i like to remember on these sort of days.

1. We all have bad days!
I don’t know why it isn’t talked about as much as good days are, i guess we all like to show that we are living perfect lives! What i have come to realise is that there is no such thing as perfect! I don’t know one person who is really living a perfect life. I do know that you can have perfect moments and days and how you choose to look at things. But we all have problems and worries we are human.

2. It’s okay to have a bad day!
Letting yourself have a bad day, nobody really says let yourself have a bad day, do they? If you physically Sprained your ankle, even though it isn’t broken! What would the doctor tell you? They would tell you rest it. Well why doesn’t anybody say about resting mentally? You’re not broken but sometimes you need to rest mentally.

3. Let yourself feel your feelings!
I have also realised to let myself feel what i actually feel and not try to suppress it, by forcing myself to do things I’m not feeling up to. Also what helps me is that if i realise the way I’m talking to myself so, if i wouldn’t talk to somebody else that way, then why should i be talking to myself like that and i start to talk to myself more lovingly and reassuringly.

4. You can’t be positive all the time!
It is difficult to be positive all the time, even whilst looking at a million quotes. I just try to remember if i’m feeling negative that it is okay… I don’t think anybody is positive 24/7.

5. Do what you enjoy doing!
So if you feel like watching tv in bed do that! Or a hot bath with nice salts in or bubbles. Reading a book, Watching vlogs on youtube. Reading peoples blogs, i like to read Gracie Francesca, life hack and tiny buddha…there are loads to read! Meditation, yoga, online shopping. Getting cosy on the sofa with a blanket and catching up with keeping up with the kardashians. These are a few things i like to do.

Hope you like posts like this.

Kirsty x

P.s i’ll be posting what i got up to on my birthday and what gifts i got very soon! I didn’t get very many photos, of my actual birthday night. My camera isn’t working! So i had to take them on my phone.


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