It’s okay to cry!


This is really random and probably a bit to much information! But yeah i don’t really know why i am writing this, sometimes just writing my feelings out helps me. I am on my period so it is kind of a given, to why I feel like crying. But i can’t cry, its like a block i usually always cry but lately i can’t, i just feel like i need to let this emotion out like a stressed feeling. But i can’t through crying so i thought i would write about it. Usually i get really stressed, hot, angry and emotional when i am actually on, also when its around my ovulation date i get the same feelings! It is so annoying. Does anyone else get this? Also earlier on i went to the co-op near me, i needed to get my friend some chocolates for her birthday and i got my niece some chocolates, i bought other things aswell like almond milk, water a magazine and a few other things and the checkout guy said to me something about unhealthy things! Which i was just shocked and thought was so so rude, mainly because i was like 18 stone a few years ago and i’m still not at my goal weight so i guess i jus felt a little bit defensive. But should you really be saying that to somebody? Like people really don’t know what goes on in peoples lives to just be judging and giving there opinion out. I said it to my family and they was like he probably didn’t mean anything by it and that the stuff i did get was unhealthy. But why does he think I’m going to buy myself a tray of diary milks and eat them to myself? Also just realised my flipping cup of tea has gone cold! Haha anyway maybe when you’re on your period you just feel senstive to everything i guess, well i must. But i guess if i was skinny he wouldn’t of said that, even though you can be skinny and unhealthy. People really do need to think about what they say! I was also just talking to my friend on the phone about inappropriate comments and she has a son that has Autism and she said people stare and make comments like she is a bad mum. Why are people so rude and negative! Why not start lifting people up and say positive things instead! I never make comments so i don’t know why other people feel the need to! Sorry for my rant but i just feel like people need to start being a bit more nice! It doesn’t cost a damn thing! Kirsty x

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