Late night thoughts…


Hi everyone,

Sorry its been a while since i have done a blog post! But i have just been having some challenging times. Like trying to figure out what i want and how to not put so much pressure on myself. Also I’ve been to my doctors to see if my hormones are imbalanced! Haha… But i do want so see if i have polycystic ovaries, because i do have quite a few of the symptoms. I’m quite an emotional person, but i feel like my hormones are all over the place. I booked an appointment for friday, because i want to know properly. I feel like doctors just brush you under the carpet and you have to force them to look into things. I have just remembered i need to book a smear test to.

But yeah i feel like I’ve been wanting a change in my life, but also not to stress myself out in the process of doing it. I really want to get back into eating healthy and exercising and keeping up with my blog. I am just going through a self discovery period right now and trying my best. Lately i have started to relax and realise nobody has there life together, perfectly. i think you can have perfect moments and i have just got to live for those. I put high expectations on myself and although that is a good thing, i get frustrated when it doesn’t go as i really want it to go. Does that even make sense? But i don’t think you can control every single thing, i just need to strive towards the best version of myself but realistically. Like right now i see most of my school friends getting married and i think, i am no where near ready for that! But i guess everybody does things in their own time and i’m not going to pressure and force myself to be how i think it should be. I need to stop looking at what others are doing and just focus on my day and just doing my best. Happiness is in nobody or thing but yourself. *reminder to self* i just want to make my life as stress free and as enjoyable as possible! I think everyone my age is feeling the same? i don’t know… This is a bit personal, but i see other peoples blogs and they inspire me and i can relate to them. So I’m hoping that i can do that with my blog to. Sharing your true feelings even if it is on the internet is hard! But i think rewarding at the same time. People can judge but a lot of people will relate and thats what i love and why i have chosen to share myself. Kirsty x


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