Indoor picnic with my Niece.

Indoor picnic.

Picnic 3

I thought i would show you some pictures of mine and my nieces indoor picnic. I look after my niece whilst my sister goes to work, for 3 days a week, so i have always got to plan, all different things with her because she gets very bored! So i thought i would do her a picnic with her teddy’s. We were going to do it in the garden, but we had the worst weather that day! We had so much rain and loads of thunder and lightning it was horrible.

Picnic 5

My mum had a picnic basket in the cupboard so i got that out. I put my duvet from my bed on the floor and i put loads of throw over covers on the floor, with a picnic blanket. I got the cushions from the sofa to go all around to, to make it extra cosy.

Picnic 7

My niece loved it she was pretending to feed her teddy’s, it was so cute!

Picnic 9

I did a bit to much food! But it was fine because when some of my family got home they ate it.

Picnic 6


Picnic 8

After we ate we got all comfy and watched frozen on my laptop, it’s her favourite film and i don’t mind it either.

Picnic Sienna

Hope you like these kind of blog post’s.

Kirsty x



Indoor picnic with my 2 year old niece.

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