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June’s Glossybox


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I do like Glossybox’s packaging, but i love when they have special months. I think they let bloggers choose the design and what goes into the boxes. I think when the box design is different it makes it a little bit more exciting. I have so many boxes right now, i don’t know what to do with them! You can make them into jewellery stands and things if you wanted it to. I haven’t properly looked into it yet.

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When i first opened the box i was a bit disappointed, some months i am really happy with the box and other months it takes me using the products, to like the box or i just don’t like the products and i give them away. I have never got a box where i have disliked everything though. But i love this months box now! Mainly because the Natural Konjac Sponge, It is one of my new favourites!

Natural Konjac Sponge: I LOVE THIS! I have quite sensitive skin so this is perfect for me, it is so soft. I would advise everyone to get one. i just put some cleanser on it and do circle all round my face, it makes my skin feel actually washed, without being so hard on it. I think you can get this for £6.99.

Ladival Sun Protection: I have’t tried this yet, because we haven’t really had that much sun in England and i haven’t been on holiday. But this smells okay. It is on offer in boots right now for £13.50.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle: I love this stuff to it is a shame it is just a small tester. Because i have just ran out of a bottle of mine. it always makes my hair feel super soft.

Origins Ginzeg: This is for under the eyes. I haven’t been using this that long to be able to say it works. But it does soothe under my eyes as I’m getting older, it is starting to show. So i’ll be using this a lot. This is £20.00 for the full size pot, which i’ll probably be buying.

Lait Apres-Soleil After Sun Lotion: I haven’t been able use this either because i haven’t been in the sun. i like the packaging though and it smells good. I can’t find the price of this online.

Elite Make Up Lip Tint: They always give me horrible colour lip things, i don’t know why! I really need good lip products right now as well. I like more light pastel/nude shades of pink, they give me dark shades of pinks and reds. So yeah i haven’t tried this i know this isn’t the colour for me, so i have gave it to my auntie who wears them colours.

Hope you liked this months Glossybox.

Kirsty x

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