My sisters garden birthday

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It was my sister’s 29th birthday, so i decided to do her a little garden get together. She didn’t really want to do anything big or go out for a meal, because my niece is only 2 years old and she doesn’t like to sit down for a meal! Lol So i had some decorations left over from when i decorated my nieces 2nd birthday party. So i thought i would decorate the garden with them. I just had to buy some food and drinks, so it was quite a cheap day.

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The day wasn’t that sunny as you can probably tell, but i bought a log fire just incase it’s from tesco it was £12.99, it’s called Swedish Fire Log Candle and Eco Torch. It didn’t burn as long as i thought it would, but it kept us warm for a couple of hours.

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I used cushions from my bedroom and some throw overs, it did get really chilly on the other side of the fire.

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I just bought some snack bits from tesco. i used for this

Camembert cheese

French bread 

Garlic bread

Doritos and dips

Italian Antipasto Selection Platter


Areo chocolate 


I also freezed raspberries and berry’s to put in some lemonade, with the other jug i used some cut up lemons and lime.

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On another table i put the birthday cake and some sausages and sausage rolls and some other little bits, but i didn’t get to take a picture of that table.

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The fire when we had just lit it. I put all littles candles everywhere as well, they are ones that stop gnats coming around.

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We had to put the fire on a stand because my niece was running about. But yeah as you can see the fire didn’t last as long as expected.

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 Hope you like the pictures. As you can tell i love doing things like this, so i’ll be doing lots more of this kind of thing.

Kirst x


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