6 things i do when i’m on my period!

af33d6d05497b40ed2d65fcd7faa66a7I found this quote funny, although i think it is healthy and not weak to cry…

Sorry for this post if you’re a guy! But i think this post is needed for the girls! Today i got my period *bit to much info* and its a week early! Lovely just what i want. Every month i get really emotional and angry with everyone and just want to be left alone (i can’t help it) usually a couple of days before i’m due on i always wonder why I’m crying, especially when my periods early! Then i actually come on and realise. But that still doesn’t take it away that i have realised that it’s because of my period! Lol so i have started to make a conscious effort to be more nice to myself on those days and ask myself what i want and what i want to do to make that day easier for myself. These are just a few things of what i want/want to do when i come on my period.

  1. Blanket
  2. Films
  3. Tea
  4. Comfort food
  5. Read some Self love books
  6. Meditation or yoga

Just know that the hormones settle and you’ll be feeling back to your normal self soon. I don’t think i know one girl that doesn’t get emotional or angry around the time of there period, you’re human and it’s okay to feel emotion!

  • I get my duck feather blanket and get really comfy on my sofa.
  • I then choose a film, usually a romantic comedy! I like girly films.
  • Then i get my favourite mug out and use my decaf pg tips (i sound so old! Lol)
  • I usually want to eat comfort food but then get upset that i feel huge. I’ve lost 5 stone with slimming world and if i eat unhealthy for a couple of days i feel like I’m going to put it all back on again, but i will do a post soon about my slimming world journey.
  • I love to read some self love books/blogs and read quotes on instagram, i think it helps me be more kind and patient with myself.
  • Finally i love to do either meditation or yoga they both really relax me.

Hope this helps you figure out what you like to do on those days.

Kirsty x


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