15 Women’s Christmas Jumpers

15 Women’s Christmas Jumpers 


This year i thought I would do a post on all my favourite christmas jumpers of 2017. Last year when I went to buy a christmas jumper they all sold out! I don’t love the christmas jumpers, that are overly christmassy lol

but out of these jumpers my favourite one is number 5! I never usually get a christmas jumper. But this year I’ve decided we all need to wear them!

1.Asos elbow pudding patch jumper

2.This is my xmas jumper

3.Christmas sequin penguin jumper

4.Cream sequin reindeer

5. Christmas wreath jumper

6.Curve navy robin jumper

7. Grey pearl penguin jumper

8.It’s the season to sparkle 

9.Grey Sequin Mistletoe Jumper

10.Metallic ribbed jumper

11.Tinsel jumper

12. Sparkle jumper

13. Pudding red jumper

14.Star embellished top

15.Embellished merry jumper

Hope you like the jumpers I’ve picked!

Love Kirsty x


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