Intuitive eating|My journey.

Intuitive eating|My journey.

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Hello I thought I would do a post about being plus size and my journey to how I am learning to love myself. I wouldn’t say I know everything about intuitive eating. Which has made me hesitate to write this blog post, but i feel like I now know enough…I’m still on this journey of learning to find peace with food and myself. But this will be my first post of many about this.

So i have always been a bit bigger than society’s ‘Typical’ weight and have always been made aware of my size and as a child that isn’t healthy. You are born to know what your body needs, so anyway telling you otherwise is wrong! Just like when you listen to your intuition with any thing else. Is someone being a good friend? A good boyfriend? Does my gut feeling say that they are? This is your intuition and this is your guide in life. Never ever think that it is wrong!

This is where things start to go wrong and you start to feel rubbish when you don’t listen to it. I was so unaware of my actual self for sooo long and I am so glad I now trust and listen to myself. It makes life so much easier.

Weight loss slimming world

So when i was around 22 i started slimming world! I lost a lot of weight! I was down to my smallest I have been and I thought I was happy. But I was so so stressed which led to exhaustion and it wasn’t just from this but other things. I was then put on medication and I have put a lot of weight back on! It has been difficult couple of years but I am now feeling so much better mentally than i have for a long time! As I have been following intuitive eating and reading other peoples journeys with slimming world and all the other rubbish weight loss company’s. Which really they just want your money and make you hate the way you look. It is a multi-billion pound business! Anyone who tells you to go against yourself is WRONG!

Intuitive eating

When I found peoples blogs and youtube videos like Gracie Francesca, Callie Thorpe, Danielle Vanier  Bodyposipanda and there is probably lot’s more send me the links over! These girls have helped me and many others so much! I also read lots of books to I have just brought bodyposipanda’s book and cannot wait to read it!

Although I haven’t known about intuitive eating for long it has helped me so much and if one person reads this and decides slimming world or any other crap doesn’t work for them and they start to follow intuitive eating, i would be Very happy.

It is hard at the start to trust yourself again but it gets easier. I have had questions like well what if you don’t lose weight?

  1. If i am mentally happy I do not care!
  2. I have got to a place where I want to exercise (with exercises I really love to do! Like walking, water aerobics,yoga)
  3. I am happy no matter what size i am! I have been to my smallest weight and have been miserable!
  4. I enjoy food now.
  5. I trust myself.
  6. I dont obsess over food!
  7. My mind is so much clearer and I can focus on the creative things i love!
  8. My body will naturally get to a weight it is suppose to be.

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Learning to Love myself 

Learning to love yourself in a world taught to hate your inner self is bloody hard! But when you surround yourself with people that have the same mindset as you, it makes life so much easier. We are all on this journey together lets make it easier for each other and learn to love yourself.

Hope you take something positive away from this post

Love Kirsty x 

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