World mental health day|My mental health.

World mental health day|My mental health.

its been a while since i have wrote a blog post! But today i feel like i should/want to write about world mental health day! I have anxiety disorder, like a lot of people its hard to talk/write about for everyone to see. But i want to talk about it and show people that it can affect anyone! I have learnt that being vulnerable is a strength and not a weakness!

If i can show others, that i have it and i am healing, then they can too. Don’t be ashamed! I always say mental health should be treated like physical health. I really don’t understand why it isn’t! You would go to the dentist to fix a toothache, you’d take a painkiller to stop a headache. So why wouldn’t you see a doctor/therapist for you to understand yourself better.

Most people are scared or embarrassed to admit they have to take medication for mental health. I was one of them. But like any other medication, it is there when you need it and it does help! Like my doctor said it doesn’t fix the issue, but it helps you to be able to think clearer and for you to be able to see how you can help yourself to heal.

Always remember to love yourself no matter what!

So if you’re having a hard time right now please do get help from your doctor and just know that it does get better!

Love Kirsty x

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