My first blog post

Hello everyone,

i am kind of new to this whole blogging thing, i did have a nail blog but i got bored of that very quickly! So here i am trying a lifestyle and beauty blog. It is just going to be about everything I’m loving and some motivation for anyone feeling lost. I’ve been trying to find things I’m passionate about this last year, i thought it came quite easy to other people knowing what they’re passionate about and i think deep down you always know what you’re passionate about, but you think it’s some other big amazing thing! When in fact it is a slow process when you try and find it, but when you do it’s like you have always known what it is. so  I decided i’ll following what i love to do every day and write in a diary. I have found four things i love but i do want to find five. These are the four i have got so far, i’m going to leave the fifth one blank i’m sure ill find it soon.

  1. Blogging/writing 
  2. Beauty 
  3. Yoga
  4. Meditation

I think i have known for a while that I’ve loved writing but i have never known where to start then i started seeing lots of blogs and thought i think i can actually do that, One of my favourite things to do are read blogs. I do like to do lots other things but i don’t love them and think about them when i am doing other things. I’m sure you will find out a lot more about me and why i want to find my passions as this blog goes on. I’m excited to start this and kind of nervous to write about me, but i think it is going to be a good thing and i hopefully will be able to give somebody else some inspiration, because i know that’s what blogs give me.


Find that thing that makes you like nobody else. Kirsty x



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